6. Go for Yoga / Meditation classes

They are also great for helping you concentrate on the task at hand i.e. weight loss.

7. Join a support group

In old age, a person tends to feel lonely and depressed quite easily. There are many support groups available to solve this problem. Search for a local one and join it. This will help you remain motivated to lose weight.

8. Keep a check on your thyroid

As women age, they become increasingly susceptible to thyroid failure. Hypothyroidism, in which less thyroid hormone is produced, makes your body gain weight. So it’s always a good idea to get your thyroid profile done at regular intervals.

9. Get sufficient sleep

Sleep deprivation sabotages weight loss plans. At this age, women may often find trouble sleeping. Find the cause of your lack of sleep. Mostly it’s stress, loneliness, intake of caffeine and the likes. Identify the cause and work on it to get rid of it. A good night’s sleep is essential for reducing weight.

10. Be conscious of what you eat

Don’t eat while reading or watching TV. All this leads to overeating. Be fully aware when you eat and what you eat. That way you remain in charge of what you are eating.

Always remember to consult your doctor regularly regarding weight loss. Lead a healthy and stress-free life so as to reach your desirable weight.

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