Weight Loss Tips For Women Over 60

Women over the age of 60 battle with a lot of health problems. Therefore weight loss needs to be well monitored in their case. Here are 10 tips for women over 60 who want to reduce their weight:

1. Consult your doctor first

At this age, weight loss should be gradual and consistent. Also, before embarking on any sort of weight loss plan, one needs to consult his or her doctor first. This will help you to better understand your condition and choose the weight loss path that would be best for you and your health.

2. Try to remain physically active

One of the primary reasons of weight gain at this age is the reduction in physical activity. So to begin with, just try remaining physically active as much as possible. Walk wherever you can and whenever you can.

3. Stick to a regular exercise regimen

Don’t try to find excuses to skip your exercise regimen. Summon your willpower and stick to your regular exercise sessions. It can be something as simple as half an hour of brisk walking. The important thing is to do it regularly.

4. Choose your food carefully

At this age, the body’s metabolism gets really slow and there’s a lot of fat deposition if one doesn’t choose one’s food wisely. So stay away from fatty and sugar laden food. Maintain a healthy diet with good portions of fruits and vegetables.

5. Get a dietitian to plan for you

The best thing would be to visit a dietitian who can take into account your health issues and formulate a diet plan accordingly. This way you’ll get proper nutrition too.

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