Is your business suffering financially due to one or more unpaid debts? 

Hiring a professional debt collector will save you the trouble of chasing debtors on your own, and at the same time increase the likelihood of recovery. Whether you have one outstanding debt or many, the skills and expertise of a licenced debt collection agency will save you time and money.

With all the benefits a debt collection agency offers, you may be wondering, how much does a debt collector cost?

The cost…



Do your homework before selecting a debt collection agency. Here is how to choose a debt collector who understands your business needs.

Whether you’re running a small business with only a few customers, a large enterprise with multiple divisions and thousands of customers, or you are representing a Local Council recovering debt from rate payers, your decision as to which collection agency to select is an important one. Irrespective of the size and nature of your business, dealing with…




If you’re having issues with unpaid debts, you probably don’t have the time or resources to solve the problem yourself.

A debt collector may be the fastest, easiest and most cost efficient way to recover money owed to you and your organisation, whether that be a private business, local council, strata plan, school or insurance claims department.

The firm you select to help recover overdue debts usually depends upon the type of debts you are seeking to recover. 

To help you make…



By giving their family all the love and support they need, AND having a career to boot!


Sound familiar?


I hope so!


For me, when the weekend comes, and the dreaded lurgy hits the household, these are the days when a Mum just has to be a Mum.


The best thing about being a Mum is I thrive seeing my children develop and want to be there for them whether they’re on the playing field, or walking around feeling miserable because they have a cold.


I know myself, g…



I had a phone conversation the other day that made me shake my head in dismay. It was from Sarah, a successful business owner with a team of over 30 contractors and 5 staff. She was looking to scale her business with the view to an ultimate sale years down the track.

She had nailed her niche and was highly trusted and sought after. Her weaknesses were business planning and financials skills. She wanted to know when to invest and how much of her growth to achieve on her own, without excess lo…



Many of us think that because we run the business, are the Chief Chick in Charge that means we need to know everything. I am here to debunk that myth, it’s a recipe for disaster, overwhelm and depression. And yet many people I chat with daily are trying to do just that, which prompted me to share these practical tips.

Why can’t I know it all & run a successful business? Don’t I need to know it all? How can I employ people if I don’t know what they are doing?

This is how a lot of our phone …



Go and have that hot stone massage, or !


Life can be super busy, even doing the normal everyday things


On the weekends these days, I find myself with my children’s sports on both Saturday and Sunday, with cleaning, grocery shopping and cooking slotted in where necessary.


Through the week, I head to the gym most mornings as I balance full time work and being a wife and mum to two active 11 year old twins. This can mean taking them to trai…


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Having children is tough?


No one is handed a “How To” book when their children are born.


In my experience, with having twins, everyone has an opinion on what good looks like or what should be done.


I know in the past this has made me question myself so many times.


As my children have gotten older, the challenges have changed. What I used to look on as difficult, I wonder now why I ever worried.


Perhaps the guilt has increased with the increase in the us…


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What is MY story?!


For many years, I knew that I wanted to do something that made a difference, but I could never put my finger on it.


My mind would always go to individual pieces, and what I was “trained” to do in my 20 year career of Supply Chain & Finance.


It was when I started to really listen to people and understand my past that my true passion in life came to the surface.


Let me take a step back to my childhood, and help you understand a bit more about me, …


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Are you enthusiastic, fun and optimistic?  Do you enjoy collaboration but dislike being ignored?  Well, chances are you’re an Influencer in the world of DISC profiling.  Influencers love to get their way and are often spontaneous and talkative.  Capable of thinking on the fly, they are frequently dancing around linguistically to make sure their point is the one everyone is left thinking about. 

And that’s great!  There is a place in the world for Influencers too alongside the rest of us.  And…



WEConnect International and Business in Heels International (BIHI) are pleased to announce their partnership in Australia and beyond. The organizations both recognize the need to enhance the business opportunities and professional development of women’s business enterprises. 

Business in Heels International is a WEConnect International certified Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE) that works to unlock the potential for business through the empowerment of women in business. They do this in the f…



What gets you off your butt?  What sets you in motion and forces you to take the action you know to be beneficial but have been delaying?   

Your family?  Your bank balance?  Your cause?  Your disappointment levels?  Health?  Your lust for a better outcome next time?  Relationships?  Reputation? 

Or do those things not inspire action.  Are you okay with these things being… mediocre? 

If you’re fine with mediocre generally, may I suggest you don’t go into business for yourself?  If satis…


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