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Keratosis pilaris or KP,  moreover known as chicken skin, is not a physically disagreeable condition, but the appearance of the rash-like bumps is known to create increased anxiety and depression, which makes it emotionally disagreeable.  The condition is a sign that the skin is not in the same proportion that healthy as it could be.  Problems through the skin are often connected to trivial physical health, as the skin is the largest means of the body.

What are the Causes?

It is serious to understand the possible causes of a single one condition, before trying to decide for what reason to treat or cure it.  Doctors will say there is no treatment or restorative for keratosis pilaris.  While there is no quick cure, certain creams are effectual if they are used consistently. 

Understanding a in a small degree bit about the causes will cure you understand why the creams drudge.  When you understand why a management will work, you are more well-suited to stick with the program. 

The causes of KP comprise:

Ingrown hairs

Inflammation of the hair producing follicles

Chronic indignation of the skin


Low moisture and a lack of moisture in the skin’s cells are known to increase redness and may cause itching.  Although the condition is often mistaken for acne, especially at what time the face is affected, it is not kin to acne.  Nor is it connected to poor personal hygiene.

How to Address the Causes of Keratosis Pilaris

We be possible to’t do anything about our genes, but there are things we can fare to ensure that our genes and honey-combed DNA are in good working peace.  Eating healthy foods and taking a untarnished multi-nutritional supplement are things that we be able to do to keep the body functioning optimally, strange to say at the DNA level.

Chronic excitation of the skin would lead to increased excitement, which in turn would lead to increased redness and other symptoms.  Irritants swell in today’s world.  Most are derived from mineral tar or petrochemicals.  Using all natural pelt, bath and hair care products that include no petrochemicals can help reduce the burning.

Men who shave are more well-adapted to have chronic irritation and ingrown hairs.  It is of great weight to use a good lubricant precedent to shaving to reduce irritation and the put in peril of ingrown hairs.  Grape seed oil is a normal choice.  It is available in gourmet food stores and some grocery supplies.

There are many things that consideration inflammation throughout the body.  Your diet could make merry a role in that, too.  Some foods grant to inflammation while others keep it to a least quantity.  You might want to learn to a greater degree about an anti-inflammatory diet, on this account that chronic inflammation is a cause of honey-combed aging and damaged DNA strands.  You look to how everything within your body is joined.

If your face is affected, the formal consistent use of a good whitening promised time cream on a daily basis is the best way to address all of the causes and symptoms of keratosis pilaris.  But, you own to be very careful about the bolt that you choose. 

Some cause fair more irritation and make the point in dispute worse.  Others contain ingredients that consider been linked to cancer.  I attract favor to a certain brand, because it is guarded, natural and effective. See Resource box in time.

Why a Whitening Day Cream Can Work to Treat the Symptoms of Keratosis Pilaris

The  whitening epoch cream contains a number of anti-irritants and of nature anti-inflammatories.  The combination of ingredients elect work to reduce the redness ~ the agency of reducing the underlying inflammation.

The cream also contains a number of moisturizers, which means you won’t have to worry touching the redness worsening or returning for the period of times of low humidity. 

Additional Recommendations

Every week or pair, you should use a deep regenerating mask to help keep cellular debris from clogging the pores.  On a daily basis, you should be taking a welfare fish oil supplement to help maintain inflammation throughout your body to a minimum.

Taking a nutritional supplement that contains MSM (a form of sulfur) is known to have existence beneficial for keratosis pilaris.  The appliance of sulfur-based cleansers is any other recommendation.

Gentle exfoliation using regular victuals salt or sugar can help to even out the bumps.  Just be unfailing not to be too rough.  Scrubbing or scratching be possible to cause bleeding, increased redness, infection, exasperation and inflammation.

What are the Benefits of Treatment?

If you follow the recommendations above consistently, you determine be rewarded with smoother facial derm and reduced redness, because of the whitening appointed time cream.

Your hair and fingernails decree be thicker and healthier, because of MSM.

Your emotional fret will be resolved, because you resoluteness feel better about your appearance.

You resoluteness be less likely to have wrinkles, inasmuch as the ingredients in the Whitening Day Cream are anti-aging ingredients.

Within a month or sum of ~ units, you could see an end to keratosis pilaris, inasmuch as you have addressed the causes.

·         What You Should Do Now

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