n this comprehensive guide, I’m going to show you how you can lose your beer gut and man boobs, and gain back your old energetic self again. At the Fit Father Project, we consider ourselves experts at helping men lose weight. We know how to motivate men to lose weight fast, and more importantly, how to develop a more positive attitude towards fitness.

To show you how to lose weight fast, I’m going to walk you through a simple 9 step weight loss guide that will get you motivated to lose weight fast and help you see some REAL CHANGES with simple action steps that you can take TODAY.

How to Lose Weight Fast For Men Video: Dr. Anthony Balduzzi, Mens’s Health Expert | Founder, Fit Father Project

Before we dive into our ‘how to lose weight fast for men’ plan, we need to own up to some hard facts.

(A quick table of contents for the impatient)
The 9 steps for men to lose weight fast:
Step 1: Self Analysis
Step 2: Planning
Step 3: Start a Food Journal
Step 4: Adjust Caloric Intake
Step 5: Be More Active
Step 6: Track and Fine-Tune
Step 7: Portion the Macronutrients
Step 8: Set Goals and Create Habits
Step 9: Keep it Up

  • First: For most middle-aged guys, you’re possibly at a point in your life where you sit at desk jobs for 8+ hours a day, eat junk food at work, and then spend your evening binge-watching TV because you’re stressed out from life.
  • Second: Because of that stress, you no longer move enough or eat the healthy, natural food your body is designed to thrive on.
  • Third: Many of you are walking along the below evolutionary timeline… and YOU WANT TO MAKE A CHANGE!

how to lose weight fast for men

I believe that modern day men need to live healthier – not just for your own health and well-being – but for the health and well-being of your family too.

This proven ‘How to lose weight fast for men’ guide will help you.

As a trainer here at The Fit Father Project, it’s my mission to do just that.

Not only to help you lose weight but to get you back on the correct evolutionary timeline so you can become the best Alpha male you can be – at any age.

I’m going to give you 9 key action steps on how to eat, exercise, stay motivated, and track your progress over the next 30-days.

Braveheart how to lose weight fast for menConsider this a “call to arms” to get back on the proper path.

To get you back to eating natural foods. To get you back following active pursuits… and to get you back to being physically functional just like nature intended.

You were born to be Gladiators, Warriors, Hunter-Gatherers, and the leaders of your families & communities.
Let’s get you started with your new “How to Lose Weight Fast For Men” guide and get you back in fighting shape fast.

On the next page, I’ll show you exactly what you should do over the next 7 days.


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