Daily accountability, support and guidance for an entire year from someone who has been there and is committed to helping you create a healthier and more fulfilling life.

You don’t need another diet.

Following someone else’s
rules for eating and living will always backfire.

The key to long-term success is using a sustainable, practice-based approach to building healthier habits into your life, one day at a time. We’ll break your complex goals into small, strategic daily practices that make sense for you and result in big changes.

No gimmicks. No crazy restrictions. No fasting. No calorie counting. Wine and chocolate included (if that’s your thing).

Together, we’ll create and implement a set of personal guidelines for eating + moving + living that enhance your life, provide structure, and move you closer to your goals.

It takes time, practice, patience, undoing old patterns, and deep reservoirs of self-compassion to reveal what sane and sustainable healthy living looks like for you.

It’s a journey.

But I can promise you this – I will be there with you. Day in and day out. For an entire year.

I will be there with you through vacations, illnesses, the holidays, stressful times, and celebrations.

I will take impeccable care of myself, so I can take impeccable care of you.

If We Work Together:

  • You will learn how to take care of yourself in every way – physically, emotionally, and mentally – and trust that you’ve got your own back
  • We will create guidelines for eating, moving, and living that fit in to your life
  • We will explore your current beliefs and thoughts around food and your body and I will help you evolve them in a way that is empowering, inspiring, and aligned with your goals
  • I won’t ask you to make too many changes at once
  • You will expand your emotional toolbox so that eating is not your go-to emotional response
  • We will amp up the volume on self-care + compassion
  • We will celebrate every victory!

START HERE! Complimentary Discovery Session

Ready to take the next step? Let’s start by figuring out where you are + where you want to go + if weight loss coaching is a good fit.

CLICK HERE to answer a few quick questions. I’ll get back in touch with you via email to schedule your Discovery Session ASAP.

There is nothing you need to do to prepare for the Discovery Session. Just show up as you are + ready to explore whether this approach is for you. I’ll take care of the rest. If working together isn’t a good fit – that’s totally okay.

*There is currently a waitlist for new clients. For details on upcoming openings, click here.

Personal Weight Loss Coaching Details

It is my intention that your investment be repaid many times over. The number of clients I work with at once is limited (maximum of 10), so I can offer all the support you need.

I can work with anyone, anywhere. As long as you have a phone + computer, we can make this happen.

The Goods:

  • *Weekly (35-minute) 1:1 coaching sessions over an entire year to discuss your progress, troubleshoot, make modifications and blow up any roadblocks that get in the way. *If I’m on vacation or it doesn’t make sense to meet, we’ll skip a week. A minimum of 36 sessions.
  • Detailed email summaries of all coaching sessions with action items and helpful reminders to encourage progress + growth
  • Pre-weekend check-ins
  • Unlimited email support
  • Unlimited text support
  • Real time habit tracking
  • Lifetime access to ChickaBOOM! – a private Facebook community where we cheer loudly + inspire frequently + support unconditionally
  • Continued support options for clients who want to extend our coaching relationship beyond a year
  • A NEW way forward
  • Outdated + ineffective beliefs dismantled
  • Inner + outer domain transformed
  • Your own Personal Health + Weight Loss Coach for an entire year



I recommend a twelve month commitment.

I don’t offer refunds for previous months, but you can cancel anytime (although I think you’ll LOVE the process + the results).

Ready? CLICK HEREto schedule your Discovery Session.


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