What’s the best protein powder for weight loss? There is not a single definitive answer to this question! The answer will ultimately depend on your weight loss needs. To help you, here’s a guide to understanding these different supplements used for weight loss and fat burning. The two key choices for weight loss are whey and casein protein. If you want to jump straight to the only whey protein powder that is engineered specifically for whey protein powder weight loss Click Here.  There are several other factors to consider when picking the best one for weight loss as well.  Are you targeting calories in your diet? Carbs?  Fat?  Different diets and workout plans will lend themselves to different types of protein.  Below are a few popular choices to help you decide.

Casein Protein Powder

Best Protein Powder for Muscle Building

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Casein is a protein that digests slowly, which makes it advantageous for weight loss . Slow digestion means you will stay fuller for longer. It takes about 5 hours to digest a casein powder shake! If your weight loss program requires you to go 4 or 5 hours between meals, casein is the perfect choice.  This is a great protein to add a fiber supplement to, as it will keep you full for a very long time. Advantages:

  • slow digestion means feeling fuller longer
  • slow digestion creates sustained energy levels
  • maintaining lean muscle, not fat
  • reduced hunger pangs
  • a constant supply of energy to the brain improves concentration and will power

Casein can be mixed into your favorite shake as a nutritious and easy meal replacement, or added to your breakfast oatmeal. Either way it will help keep your weight loss goals on track.[button link=”http://proteinpowdershakes.org/protein/optimum-nutrition-casein/” color=”orange”]100% Casein – Learn More[/button]

Whey Protein Powder

best protein for muscle growth

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Whey is the most popular weight loss powder. Its virtues for weight loss work best with diets that include 5 to 6 meals per day and/or exercise. Whey protein digests quicker than casein so is ideal for small and frequent meal plans. The amino acids in whey are geared for feeding muscles rather than fat.

Whey protein isolate in particular is the superior choice. It contains little fat or lactose (milk sugar) and fewer calories than lesser quality whey protein concentrate powders. 100% whey protein isolate contains zero fat or carbs/sugar.

Weight loss benefits of whey protein:

  • Whey protein is an excellent source of an amino acid called leucine. Studies have found that leucine, during times of low-caloric intake, helps to preserve muscle tissue while promoting fat loss. Whey protein is a better source of leucine than any other protein powder.
  • 100% pure whey protein isolate is protein and nothing else, making it an excellent supplement for low carb or other weight loss programs.
  • The nutrition in whey protein induces the release of two chemicals in the body, CCK and GLP-1. These chemicals are proven appetite suppressants.
  • A whey protein powder shake is a convenient snack that can be made in minutes. This can reduce the chances of reaching for a less nutritious snack when your short on time!  Convenience is important, so you don’t adopt bad habits.

SlimStyles Weight Loss Drink Mix With PGX

best protein powder for weight loss

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    One of the best whey protein powders for weight loss that supports appetite and weight control is a product called

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    . Unlike other protein powders,

Slim Styles Weight Loss Drink Mix PGX

    is designed especially for losing weight. It is a special mix of extremely purified soluble fibers that are processed with an advanced proprietary called EnviroSimplex technology. Compared with other soluble fibers, it’s been suggested that considerably less of this protein powder is needed to receive the same important benefits for health such as appetite control, glucose balance, and reduced cravings for food.

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