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sue-standing-join-buttonMy name is Sue Heintze. In this photo I was 40 years of age. Now I’m 47 and I have a 5 year old daughter.

I still maintain a slim body year round, but not because I have superior genetics or because I spend endless hours in the gym.

You see, those things don’t work for most people – especially women over 35.

I’ve spent years training women in their late 30’s, and 40s and 50s who had previously tried all sorts of “fad diets,” “extreme” workout programs, and other things that didn’t do anything but relieve them of their time, money, energy and resolve.

I knew that these women had tried diet after diet… and workout program after workout program. And they had run into the same problems with every single one of them:


Those things aren’t a recipe for getting and keeping a healthy, attractive body. They’re a recipe for misery and failure!

I knew I had to do something about it. These were hard-working, talented women who deserved to look great and feel wonderful about themselves… instead of feeling like they were “stuck” with bodies they weren’t proud of!

So I tapped into my years of fitness and nutrition training, coupled with months of new research…

… and finally, I developed a simple system known as the Micro-Phase Technique that allowed women just like you to get back their slim, sculpted bodies and achieve vibrant health and energy– without exhausting workouts, starving themselves, or resorting to dangerous weight loss pills and powders!

And best of all… I found a way to make this system so easy to implement and maintain that you can see dramatic results in just 40 days, even if you’ve struggled with excess weight for years!


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